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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Time to celebrate!!!

Okay, this is one post that we have been waiting for.  Rachel nailed her swallow study yesterday and she has now been cleared to eat and drink anything she wants!  So, this means that she can finally have her sweet tea and drink until she "pukes."  (her words).  We are planning a sweet tea celebration for Thursday (11/17) at 6:30 and are asking that everyone have a glass of sweet tea in honor of Rachel at that time.  Please let us know that you did indeed have a glass of sweet tea for her; it would mean a lot.
We are hopeful that this is the last week of being at the apartment in Shands.  She is scheduled for another biopsy on Wednesday (11/16) to again check to make sure there is no rejection.  She will be admitted to the hospital after the biopsy in order for her to receive one of her meds that has to go through an IV drip over a 24-hour time period and where she has to be hospitalized.  Once the med has run through, and if there are no complications, we anticipate her being discharged on Thursday.  She has a test when she see the pulmonary doctor (lung) on Friday and we are hoping to gather-up all of our stuff and head back home on Saturday!!
Of course she will be making frequent visits to the cardiac-clinic for check-ups and there is a possibility that she may have to receive another med by IV (something other than the med tomorrow) and will have to be hospitalized for that too, but, would be able to return home afterwards.
It's hard to believe that this has been ongoing since late April and now here we are, about a week away from Thanksgiving.  Needless to say, we have a LOT to be thankful for.

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